Beautiful Images and Video of Asad and Nimra Newborn Boy

In 2020, an adorable and very young Pakistani couple was featured in the media when they uploaded their wedding photos and informed the public about their wedding. Their wedding photos have taken the internet by storm. The stunningly young-looking couple drew the public’s attention to them. When everyone was interested in the couple. Several people began following the couple. People also expressed their gratitude to the couple for being a shining example to the world where people first attempt to make financial sense before committing to marriage.

Nimra and Asad immediately after receiving attention from the media, began to create YouTube videos, which were well-liked by many fans. A few months ago, Nimra and Asad informed us of their pregnancy. They were thrilled to share the “Good news” with their friends and followers.

In their latest vlog the couple announced to their fans that they had been crowned the happy and proud parents of a beautiful baby boy. They wrote “on 9th August 2022 , we were blessed with a new baby boy”. Asad stated that he’s in a state of joy and joy, but he’s unable to communicate his emotions. Check out the pictures taken from Vlog.

Asad Nimra Baby Pics

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